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An interactive live history show in the beautiful castle of Morosini - Grimani in the heart of Istria, in Svetvinčent. Visitors can enjoy in interactive, but yet again in true and dynamic knight fights in which swords and armors are not spared. The ones that expect high adrenaline and uncertainty will find it in our fire fights with  the knights that set fire to the castle.


1. INFO point with ticket sales opens it's doors at 18:30

2. Knight tournament
-Knights del Torro, Bear, Vinski, Crazy and others fight for domination in the castle and they try to get favor of the count and prove their strength with their  knightly skills.                The show is not staged and the outcome is real.

3. Legend of Witch Mare Radoslovic
-We are trying to express in a interesting way to show the life and trials of "Witch" Mare Radoslovich from ancient 1632. She was burned in front of Castle in Svetvinčenat and entered history as last witch burned in Europe.

Play is interesting and romantic despite the fate Mare has suffered

5. Playing with a catapult
-Interactive game witch medieval siege device in witch parents and kids are involved and for it you also need an umbrella

6. Fire show
-Our knights beside the fights with metal weapons will prove their abilities in fights with burning weapons witch will set the castle ablaze. 

7. Additional offerings

After intense fights visitors can enjoy in sightseeing of the castle and buying local ECO products or just take a picture on our foto point.
    - Children can ride in carousel,
    - Taking photos with medieval weapons,
    - you can try archery,
    - photograph and fighting children with knights,
    - Walk on the walls of the renovated castle (Renovated 2020)

- Price for 2023
Individuals: 12€ (90.41kn) adults, 8€ (60.27kn) children (5-12 years)
Svetvincenat, the castle of Morosini-Grimani

Reservations on:


WhatsApp: +385 99 504 5561

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