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The municipality of Svetvinčenat, in cooperation with the tourist community of Svetvinčenat and the historical association "Kaštel", organizes the International Medieval Festival every August. In August 2020, will be held X regular Medieval Festival.

At that time, the old town of Svetvincenat becomes a place of revival of the medieval age and a picturesque view of the present life, culture and customs. During the three days, numerous costumed participants - from the noblemen, street entertainers, knights, archers, horsemen to even the medieval ladies - create a special travel experience through time for all visitors.

The most attractive points of the program are: horse racing tournament, night attack on the castle, display of the legends about Saint Mary's Wonders, including the Inquisition, and finally the final closing ceremony of the Festival, which remains a surprise until Sunday evening.

Visitors will also be welcomed in riches of complementary facilities in Svetvincenat. They will be able to try some skills and become part of the medieval story, and they will also be able to taste and buy authentic Istrian delicacies.

Come to Svetvinčenat and experience the Middle Ages!


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